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Daniel Gowing's Vans RV-6A

It is finished, inspection completed, just the paper work and then fly 

Kit selection criteria: Two Place, All Metal, Number Flying, and Cost. I also did not want chemical fumes permeating the house and wanted the ability to stop work at any moment.

Prior Building Experience: None
I had done a little house construction, built a few book shelves, but had never worked with metal.

Prior Flying Experience: Practically None
I had taken a few Ultra Light lessons.  Not knowing how to do something is not an excuse for not doing it.   I did not know how to build or fly, but learned.

Trepidation: When the empennage arrived, I was overwhelmed by the number of parts, thick manual and complete set of plans.  I learned how to read and follow directions, one page, one part, at a time.

Triumph:  When the wings connected and perfectly matched with the fuselage.

Disliked:  Priming of the parts was messy and smelly.  Priming was hard to schedule because of the need for warm dry weather for backyard spraying.  

Frustrations:  People always asking ‘when is it going to be done’, never seeing or understanding the current accomplishment.  I, on the other hand, enjoyed the building stage and never worried over the date of completion.

Help:  Just a call away to my wife, Toby, who learned to handle a mean rivet gun and encouraged the process.

Building the Wings

Building the fuselage and attaching the wings

Building the Fuselage and attaching the landing Gear

Parts completed and stored

Clear Prop

It all fits

On to the carrier for transport to Old Bridge Airport

Just a few testing hours on the Hobbs

Completed first taxi to the gas pumps

Comfortable Seating